Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Purchasing • Recycling • Redistribution

We offer you 3 options for recovering your metals:

  • A covered warehouse where you can drop off your scrap metal throughout the week. Our experienced, well-organised and multilingual team will help you separate and unload your metals quickly.
  • Skips (16 to 23 m3) delivered by truck for the recovery of metals from a demolition yard or factory.
  • Small containers delivered to your site by our 'small transporter'. Our drivers will collect metals directly from your company site on a weekly or monthly basis. Equipped with a weighing pallet truck, we can collect and weigh your metals, but also take care of billing and payment, directly on site.
    We will provide all the certificates of destruction you may need for your waste discharge declarations.

Whichever option you choose, service is our priority.